Fifth Third Bank

Western Union Services

Fifth Third Bank and Western Union® are working together to make sending money and paying bills fast, easy, and reliable.

Western Union Money Transfer®

When you need to send money, and you've got to do it fast, turn to the convenience of the Western Union Money Transfer service.

Send Money

  • Person to Person Money Remittance to 424,000 Western Union Agent locations worldwide. No bank account required.
  • Send funds directly to a bank account.

Receive Money

  • Receive money at any Fifth Third Banking Center or 424,000 Western Union locations worldwide
  • Money can be received in minutes: as cash, on a prepaid card, in your receiver's mobile wallet, or deposited into a bank account

Western Union Payments

Now you can easily pay your auto, credit card, mortgage, utilities, telecom, insurance, government, and rent bills—and get proof of payment in minutes.

  • Use Quick Collect to pay with cash or your debit card
  • Add funds to your existing prepaid debit card
  • Add minutes to your existing prepaid phone card

Gold Card Rewards

A Western Union Gold Card not only makes transferring money more affordable, but you also earn points towards exciting rewards.

To use any of our new Cash Banking services, stop by your nearest Fifth Third Banking Center. For more information, call 1-800 972-3030.