Card Payables

Fifth Third Bank’s Card Payables

Streamline your accounts payable processes by paying vendors faster and easier. Fifth Third’s Card Payables solution also can help reduce the number of checks your business uses while improving your reporting capabilities and reducing your risk of payment fraud. We offer options for online payables and batch payments, integrating our payment technologies with your existing ERP system.

  • Electronically generate Virtual Card Numbers (VCNs) to provide efficient, secure payments.
  • Make real-time requests for VCNs, which then can be used for vendor payments.
  • Send payment files from your ERP system to be settled to virtual card accounts.
  • Better manage and track payment processes with our web application’s approval workflows.
  • Capture multiple custom data features and map transaction requests into our online reporting platform.
  • Better control the timing of your settlements.
  • Set individual or departmental budget limits.
  • Reduce your exposure to fraud with transaction-level controls and limited-use virtual card numbers.
  • Transition from a check-based payments platform to a card-based system with improved financial reporting, auditing, and budget forecasting.

  • Borrow less, use less credit, pay down high interest debts, pay dividends, and invest more with improved cash flow.
  • Streamline accounts payable processes.
  • Help increase your days-payable-outstanding and set up recurring payments to avoid late fees and charges.
  • Reduce the need for multiple cards to be issued to various departments and employees.
  • Avoid per-transaction fees associated with checks, ACH, or wire transfer payments when you utilize electronic payments.
  • Eliminate checks, multiple credit card statements, and expense reports that are late or missing.
  • Integrate electronic payments into your existing front-end processes for issuing purchase orders, obtaining approvals, and receiving invoices.

Reporting Tools

Improve the way you view, track, and manage your financial information with Fifth Third’s Commercial Card Program.

Fraud Prevention

Better protect your purchases, payments, and vital business data with Fifth Third’s many fraud prevention features and technologies.


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