Currently, we have over $8 billion in commitments to the healthcare industry.

We were curious, could a bank do more to keep your healthcare business healthy?

Dedicated to the unique needs of the healthcare industry.

Our healthcare financial services solutions have been specifically designed to support a wide range of industry-related needs, from healthcare credit to collections to investments and disbursements. And, we can help you transition from paper to electronic processing, while offering suggestions about other ways to optimize your back-office and related automation processes.

Our industry-specific knowledge drives thoughtful responses to healthcare's unique challenges.

Our commitment to healthcare includes:

  • A team of professionals focused solely on healthcare financial services
  • A suite of treasury management capabilities designed to offer you solutions that can help you improve efficiency and flexibility
  • Financial investment experience and strategies already proven in the healthcare arena
  • Ongoing commitment to innovative technology designed to protect private information and consolidate data while processing a high volume of transactions
  • Delivering solutions designed to generate cost savings and drive increased collections

Learn more about our comprehensive Healthcare financial services.

Healthcare Receivables

Help accelerate your cash flow through automation with our specialized suite of Healthcare Receivables services.

Healthcare Payables

Take advantage of Fifth Third Bank's ongoing investment in technology, combined with proven healthcare experience, to add up to superior solutions for all of your Healthcare Payables needs.

Healthcare Financing

Discover our creative Healthcare Financing solutions to help you manage capital needs and take advantage of new growth opportunities.

Healthcare Capital Markets

Find out about how Fifth Third Bank's Healthcare Capital Markets experience, products, and services can help you manage your corporate investment portfolio.


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