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If your business purchases goods in foreign currencies, it has exposure to exchange rate fluctuations. This creates currency risk that can have a negative impact on your company’s margins.

Fifth Third Bank provides foreign currency exchange consulting and creates customized solutions to help you formulate and implement a foreign exchange risk management program. Let us help you identify your exposure, measure your risk, and establish a Foreign Exchange (FX) strategy to help protect your business.

Take Advantage of Fifth Third Bank FX Solutions

From the simplest trades to complex deals our customized solutions can assist in managing currency risk.

Transaction Risk: Let us develop a foreign exchange strategy to help you protect profit margins that can be eroded by increasing costs.

Competitive Risk: We can help you put a hedge in place when competition uses currency weakness or strength to gain a cost advantage.

Fifth Third Bank FX Solutions

When you’re purchasing overseas goods and materials, Fifth Third Bank offers a range of customized solutions to help protect your hard-earned revenue while you focus on your core business.

Forward Contracts. Eliminate currency risk by locking in a single exchange rate for future cash flows.

FX Options. More flexible than a Forward Contract, an option provides the right, not an obligation to exchange currency. Therefore you protect the downside risk and have all of the upside gain.

Collars. Lock in both worst-case and best-case rates with the flexibility of setting the collar as wide or narrow as you desire, often times at zero cost.

Participating Forwards. Lock in the worse-case rate and retain some portion of the upside in the event of a favorable currency move.

More Solutions. Ask our experienced FX specialists about other solutions: Forward Extras, Cross-Currency Swaps, Spot Contracts, Accumulators, Multi Currency Accounts, and more.

Beyond Contracts: People to Help Protect Your Business

Your most effective hedge might come from our experienced Foreign Exchange specialists who set Fifth Third Bank apart. Here’s why:

  • Our relationship-first approach
  • Strategically aligned and accessible traders
  • 10 trading desks located throughout North America
  • Extensive and adept trade execution experience
  • Price competitive solutions from a team you can trust
  • Web-based platform available 24/7
  • Tailored research and presentations to meet your specific need
  • Educational seminars to keep you abreast of the latest markets trends, accounting changes, and economic pressures

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