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Disability Income Insurance

In Case a Medical Disability Prevented You From Working

You may think of disability income insurance as something for a person who is chronically ill or aging. However, even those who are young and healthy should think about purchasing disability income insurance. Studies show that a 20-year-old worker has a 3-in-10 chance of becoming disabled before reaching full retirement age.1

Would your family be able to pay the bills and handle the financial stress if an accident or medical disability were to leave you unable to provide an income? Help get peace of mind by putting a plan in place to protect against the unexpected problems a medical disability can cause.

Can Disability Insurance Help You?
Provides financial assistance to replace a portion of your income should you become disabled Yes
Helps protect your family in the event of a serious accident or illness Yes
The income from the policy helps to pay co-pays and deductibles for medical and other day-to-day costs Yes

Do you need disability insurance? Many employers today do not offer coverage, and those that do may not offer enough. A Fifth Third Insurance Professional can help you determine whether you need supplemental insurance and how much is right for you.

Get Advice and Guidance

To learn more about how disability income insurance can provide added protection for you and your family in the event of an accident or medical disability, visit a Fifth Third Banking Center near you or fill out a contact form.

  1. United States, Social Security Administration “Disability Benefits,” SSA Publication No. l 05-10029, July 2011

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