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Mutual Funds

Provide Diversification and Professional Investment Management

For diversification across asset classes, consider the benefits of a variety of mutual funds offered by Fifth Third Securities.

Mutual funds may be an appropriate investment for you because they can provide:

  • The ability to invest in a variety of securities in one fund, providing diversification that can help reduce portfolio risk
  • Access to professional investment management
  • Low minimum can get you started investing in some mutual funds

What are mutual funds?

A mutual fund is an investment vehicle that is made up of a pool of funds collected from many investors for the purpose of investing in securities. When individuals buy shares in a mutual fund, their money is combined with money from other shareholders to buy shares in securities such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments and other similar assets. The pooled assets are invested and managed by professional money managers. Each shareholder earns a share of interest or dividends earned by the investments in the fund.

Do mutual funds have investment risk?

Mutual funds are not insulated from risk. When deciding what type of fund to choose, you need to consider the risk versus return level of various fund types, research the fund manager and company, and carefully read the prospectus for information on fees and potential risks.

Fifth Third Securities offers over 10,000 mutual funds, for all types of investors. Contact a Fifth Third Securities Investment Professional to determine if mutual funds are right for you.

Get Advice and Guidance

Learn more about investing in a mutual fund or other investments by contacting a Fifth Third Securities Investment Professional, visit a Fifth Third Banking Center near you, call us toll-free at 1-800-416-8714, or fill out a contact form.

An investor should consider the fund's investment objective, risks, sales charges, expenses, and ongoing fees carefully before investing or sending money. This and other important information about the investment company can be found in the fund's prospectus. To obtain a prospectus, please call 1-888-889-1025. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing.

Diversification does not assure or guarantee better performance and cannot eliminate the risk of investment loss.

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