Fifth Third Bank

Lease End & Vehicle Return Options

Your lease is almost up - that means you’re probably wondering how to turn in your vehicle. Don’t worry, the return process is really simple. But there are a couple things you should know.

First, the vehicle must be returned to an authorized location. Secondly, you are fully responsible for your lease until all of the steps outlined below have been completed.

How to turn in your leased vehicle in four easy steps:

  1. Schedule an appointment with an authorized return location during the 30 days prior to the lease maturity date. For example, if the maturity date is September 30, you can call to schedule the return appointment anytime from September 1 through September 30.
    1. A dealer is NOT an authorized return location.
    2. Vehicles returned after the maturity date may incur additional charges.
  2. Submit a Federal Odometer Statement. At the return location, you’ll receive a Federal Odometer Statement indicating the vehicle’s ending mileage. Both you and a representative from the return location must sign and date the form. You’ll then fax the form to the Fifth Third’s Return Vehicle Administration department at
  3. Pay final leasing statement. After your vehicle is returned you will receive your final leasing statement. This statement will include your disposition fee, and may include charges for excess mileage, wear & tear, and other unpaid charges such as payments, citations and taxes.
  4. Call 1-800-835-3265 to confirm that you have returned your vehicle. You’ll need to provide your lease account number and the name and address of the return location.

It’s that simple. However, if you want to purchase your vehicle instead, just call
1-877-744-5626 and talk to a Fifth Third Auto Leasing Trust representative. Plus, if you purchase your vehicle, all fees for excess miles, wear and use, and disposition fees are waived.

If you have further questions about your return or purchase options, call a Fifth Third Auto Leasing Trust representative at 1-877-744-5626.