Fifth Third Bank

Frequently Asked Questions about returning your leased vehicle

What if I already returned my car to a dealer?

The dealership is NOT an authorized return location. You are fully responsible for your lease until all of the steps outlined in the Lease End Options have been completed and the vehicle is returned to an authorized location. If you have returned your car to a dealer, you must obtain a copy of the Federal Odometer Statement and the Lease Return Vehicle Receipt indicating that the dealer has possession of the vehicle. Notify us within 24 hours by calling 1-800-835-3265. After your vehicle has been returned, you will receive an End of Term Obligation Letter outlining any charges due to satisfy your lease obligation.

How do I return my car if I live more than 50 miles from a return location?

We can arrange to have your vehicle picked up if you are more than 50 miles away from one of our return locations. Please call 1-800-447-7928 at least two weeks before your maturity date to make arrangements.

What vehicle damage is not covered by a Worry-Free Lease?

The Worry-Free Lease waiver is limited to $2,000 of excess wear. The addendum does not waive any of Lessee's obligations under the Lease to pay for any of the following amounts:

  1. Damage occurring to the Vehicle prior to the date of the Lease.
  2. Cost of repair or replacement of any tire that exceeds $200 per tire.
  3. Damage due to the business, commercial, or agricultural use of the Vehicle.
  4. Any damage to the Vehicle normally covered under an automobile insurance policy providing collision and comprehensive coverage unless repair of damages is less than $500.
  5. Any item or items covered by a service agreement, manufacturer's guarantee/warranty, or any extended warranty agreement.
  6. The cost to repaint the Vehicle if it has been painted in anything other than its original factory color, or due to the removal of stickers, adhesive applications, including any subsequent repairs resulting from the removal of such items.
  7. Confiscation or seizure of the Vehicle by a government entity.
  8. Damages due to war, whether declared or undeclared, terrorism, civil war, insurrection, rebellion or revolution.
  9. The cost necessary to restore a modified or customized Vehicle back to its original condition; and any amounts due to Lessor on account of excess mileage.